Therapearl Ice and Heat Therapy Back Pack – With Strap

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Key Benefits to Therapearl Technology® : Conforms to your body – Mess Free – Soft on Skin – Extremely Comfortable – Reusable – Non-Toxic – Free of BPA, Lead, Latex & Phthalates – Freeze or Microwave.

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If you have ever done one rep too many, bent the wrong way or been frozen by a back spasm, you know there is no pain like back pain. The generously sized Aquarius Therapearl Back Wrap provides comfort and the adjustable strap keeps it comfortably in place.

  • What is Therapearl Technology? Therapearl was designed with the consumer in mind. Whether chilled or heated, Pearl Technology retains the HOT or Cold temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes while conforming to your body, delivering the perfect relief from your aches and Pains
  • Heat: Use for Muscle Pain / Spasms, Joint Stiffness / Soreness, Continuous Aches, Pre Workout / Activity. Benefits of Heat Therapy: Increases circulation (blood flow), effectively relaxing muscles and easing movement;  Promotes healing and speeds recovery of damaged tissue; effective when applied prior to physical activity to stimulate blood flow and warm up muscles; prevents injury during exercise.
  • Frozen: Pearls create the “frozen peas” effect, and offer ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility – Use for Sprains / Bruising, Inflammation, Muscle Strains / Pulls, Post Workout / Activity. Benefits of Ice Therapy: Most common recommendation by doctors for injury prevention and recovery. Constricts blood flow and slows bleeding / swelling when applied immediately after an injury. Reduces pain and muscle spasm. Lessens wear and tear on the body when applied after any physical exercise (even if you don’t have an injury).
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