Aquarius Magnetic Therapy Insoles

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Benefits Of Magnetic Insoles

  • Therapeutically massage the soles of your feet, naturally elevate pain and discomfort just by walking
  • 10 magnets within the insole target key pressure points
  • Can improve blood circulation and improve overall health
  • Keeps feet cool and dry and improved foot health
  • Trim the insole to size and place in shoes
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The Aquarius Magnetic Therapy Insoles therapeutically massage the soles of the feet. They stimulate pressure points on the sole of the foot and naturally eleviate pain and discomfort caused by everyday life.

The insole has 10 fitted magnets strategically placed within the insoles to target the key pressure points within the foot.

Acupressure reflexology insoles can reduce pain just by walking, by applying magnetic fields to specific reflexology nerve zones located within the foot. This can improve blood circulation and result in better overall health and well being.

These acupressure insoles will also help keep your feet cool and dry with 250 air holes to help improve foot health.

The shoe inserts can be cut to fit male or female shoes, simply trim the insole to size with scissors and place in any pair of shoes.

Given the low price of Aquarius magnetic insoles they remain one of the best options on the market. If you do purchase a pair be sure to let us know your experience within the review area below.

Ordering your Aquarius Magnetic Therapy Insoles from outside the UK

We are more than happy to supply you with any Aquarius products overseas, but shipping prices vary. To get you the most up to date price we process your order manually. Please contact us at Provide us with your details and we shall send you a no obligation shipping cost for you to consider. Alternatively call us on 0044 1422 328950.


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