HurryCane – All Terrain Collapsible Walking Stick – Support and Confidence with Every Step

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This is a walking stick reinvention! After taking the US by storm the HurryCane collapsible walking stick is now available in the UK.

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The problem with traditional walking sticks

Walking sticks are brilliant! They help the less mobile stay moving, giving them confidence and support. They help prevent falls and keep you safe.

However, there is very little that has changed with the design of walking sticks in hundreds or thousands of years.

They work fine for standing but once you are trying to get up from the sofa, out of the car or up the stairs their limitations soon become clear. Issues that are most common are with balance and flexibility.

The designers of the HurryCane® have essentially reinvented the walking stick when they designed the HurryCane®. That’s why customers in the U.S love this particular stick so much, and now that it is available on the UK market we are sure you will love it just as much.

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So, what is different about the HurryCane®?

The HurryCane® is the ONLY walking stick with the SteadiGrip™ design and proprietary pivoting base. So you are able to always maintain an optimal, 3-point-contact, stable support at almost any angle.

The HurryCane’s® SteadiGrip™ design has three lightweight, yet very strong, supportive ‘feet’ that create maximum balance and support. These feet are specifically designed to work on virtually any terrain and have textured grooves that provide non-skid traction for all-terrain activities.

With the HurryCane’s® pivoting base, you are able to maintain a point of contact with the walking stick at all times. Most importantly, the walking stick is able to maintain constant, full-capacity contact with the ground, providing you full time support at almost any angle.

With the HurryCane®, you can finally sit down, get up and even lean, and never have to worry about your walking stick sliding out in front, back or to the side of you ever again!

The HurryCane® Design

The design of the HurryCane® walking stick is Inspired by the Most Advanced Machine on Earth, the human body.

The design draws upon the study of the physics of physiology and the science of stability. The human body provides perfect balance, stability and reacts to changing conditions.

The Foot:

In a human foot you have 3 points of contact with the ground which gives you the balance and stability – the HurryCane® has been designed in the same way. This gives you traction, grip and balance at almost any angle.

The Ankle:

Just as the ankle can support your full weight whilst giving you freedom of movement to walk, and keeps you balanced on uneven ground the HurryCane® design includes a pivoting head to provide the same range of movement and support.

The Knee:

The bend in your knee means you can get in small spaces, like the back of a car. The HurryCane® goes one better, instead of one joint it has 3, so can be folded into a very compact size.

It is this unique design which makes the HurryCane® walking stick feel like an extension of the body. And that’s what makes it really special and what will make you love using it.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the height of the HurryCane®?

The hurrycane is height adjustable, with 8 different height options so will be suitable for most walking stick users. The height options range from 77.5 cm (30.5 in) to 95.25 cm (37.5 in).

Is the HurryCane® compact when stored?

Yes this is a collapsible walking stick! When folded down the HurryCane® is just 35cm (13.75 in) which is great for holidays, travel and occasional use.

Is the HurryCane® easy to set up?

It takes just seconds – instructions are included – but you will find it really easy!

Is the HurryCane® heavy?

Not at all, you won’t even notice the weight if you are carrying it in your bag. This is because the HurryCane® is made from an aluminium alloy meaning it is very strong but also keeps it a light weight walking stick. The HurryCane® weighs just 0.5kg

How Much Weight Can the HurryCane® Hold?

The HurryCane® is designed for a maximum user weight of 159 kgs (25 stone)


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