Aquarius Hygiene Portable Reusable Urinal – Comfort and Convenience

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Aquarius Hygiene Portable Urinal, Flexible, Reusable Mobile Toilet, for Elderly, Incontinence, Camping, Festival, Car, Travel and Outdoors.

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There are many occasions where a urinal is an essential requirement. They are a go-to solution for times when using a toilet is not possible, whether due to incontinence, limited mobility or disability.

However, urinals are often bulky and can take up a lot of storage space and are not the easiest item to carry discreetly.

This is where the Aquarius flexible urinal comes in. It is a universal urinal suitable for women, men and children and has a special flexible design, meaning when folded is very small and compact.

The concertina design makes the shape and angle adjustable so that it can be used by anybody in any position – sitting down, lying down or standing up.

The secure sealing lid prevents spillages and helps contains any odours.

This travel urinal is also ideal for camping, long car journeys, outdoor activities and emergency use.


  • Volume of liquid: 750ml
  • Unisex
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Size: (folded) 15 x 7cm
  • Size: (expanded) 35 x 7cm

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