Children’s 2 in 1 Travel and Training Potty

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Available in a choice of attractive bright colours to appeal to your toddler.

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In the midst of potty training or have a journey with a your child to get through? This Aquarius childrens’ 2 in 1 travel and training potty could be the answer to your prayers!

Designed to literally be taken anywhere, any time, any place! This travel and training potty can be used at home over an existing toilet or out and about whenever the need arises when you can’t be sure of toilet facilities. Less daunting than a toilet whilst potty training, this brightly coloured 2 in 1 travel and training potty would look at home in any household with a young family.

With the use of potty liners, the legs can be locked in place to form a raised, comfortable potty chair. Its plastic surface ensures that it can be wiped clean easily and hygienically.


  • Can be used as a potty or toilet training seat
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • With potty liners, legs can be locked in place to form a potty chair
  • Fold away design makes storage easy
  • Can be wiped clean easily and hygienically
  • Suitable from 15 months

Aquarius Hygiene offers a full range of hygiene-related products for adults and children alike.

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Blue / Orange, Purple / Pink