Inflatable Bathing Cushion Bath Lift – Battery Powered Ideal for Travel

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If you just need a little help getting into the bath tub or getting out when you’re all finished, then the Inflatable Bathing Cushion Bath Lift is the ideal product for you. This inflatable bath lift acts as a supportive cushion and helps to softly lower your body into the water or to give you some elevation so that you can easily exit the bath. It’s battery-powered and safe to use in the water. 

Inflating and deflating the cushion is simple and many users decide to leave a little air in so that they have a comfortable and supportive backrest while bathing. It’s compact for easy storage and only weighs 2kg. The seat is a minimum size of 2cm and a maximum size of 40cm, giving you plenty of room to raise and lower. The hose is 1.8m, making it easy to operate the cushion. 

For those looking to make bathing a little easier, the Inflatable Bathing Cushion Bath Lift gives you the little boost that you need and it even gives you a comfortable backrest to relax on.

Product Highlights

  • Cushion inflates and deflates to raise and lower you to and from the bottom of the bath
  • Choose to leave some air in for comfort
  • Perfect for holidays and travel
  • Lightweight design at only 2 kgs (4.4lbs)
  • Compact and easy to store away
  • Supportive backrest
  • Wide seat for comfort and stability
  • Safe battery powered bathing cushion design

Technical Specification

  • Seat Height Min: 2cm (3/4″)
  • Seat Height Max: 40cm (15 3/4″)
  • Seat Depth: 44cm (17 1/2 “)
  • Seat Width: 58cm (23″)
  • Backrest Width: 54cm (21″)
  • Backrest Depth: 33cm (13″)
  • Airhose Length: 1.8m (6′)
  • Weight of Bathing Cushion: 2kg (41/2lb)
  • Maximum User Weight: 23 st / 150 kg
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