Children’s Nasal Aspirator Baby Nose Cleaner – Sinus Decongestant

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Safe, simple and easy to use!

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Is your baby awake through the night or grumpy throughout the day because they have a cold and their nose is constantly running and blocked up? Unfortunately, your baby does not know how to blow its’ nose yet!

The Aquarius children’s nasal aspirator and baby nose cleaner, enables you to hygienically and safely clear mucus and secretions from your baby’s or infant’s nose. This improves breathing, allows easier feeding and encourages a better night’s sleep for everyone!

Suitable for

  • Babies and infants

Easy, simple and effective to use

  • The removable, flexible, silicon tip and pump ball ensures an effective decongestant without any discomfort to your child
  • The silicon tip can be easily removed to ensure it can be thoroughly cleaned and used again

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