Atlantis Waterproof Cast Protector – Child Arm

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Available in a choice of sizes:



Waterproof cast protector specifically designed for children.

For broken bone, sprain or injury that requires a cast, bandage or dressing on the arm or elbow.

If the injury is hand or wrist you may find the adult hand cast protector more suitable which has a length of 305MM (12”).

A choice of two size options for children – Short measures a length of 460mm / 18” and long is 560mm / 22” in length.

Keeping the cast or dressing on your child’s arm injury dry is extremely important to aid the healing process and can be extremely difficult without a cast protector.

Ideal for use in the bath or shower with gentle submersion – they are however not designed for use whilst swimming.

The Atlantis Cast Protectors are reusable making them great value for money – just hang out to dry between uses. If required they can be cleaned in soapy water.

Latex free – suitable for children with latex allergy.

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