Atlantis Waterproof Cast Protector- Adult Arm

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Saddled with an inconvenient arm injury? Broken your arm or wrist? Keeping your cast or dressing dry is very important to the healing process but can be extremely difficult to manage without a reliable cast protector. This waterproof arm cast protector from Atlantis is perfect for keeping a broken bone, sprain or injury that requires a cast, bandage or dressing to the arm or wrist dry whilst taking a shower or in the bath. The added bonus with this cast protector is that they are reusable and therefore great value for money!

If the injury is hand or wrist you may find the adult hand cast protector more suitable which has a length of 254MM (10”).

A choice of two size options for adults – Short 560mm/22”; Long 990mm/39” in length.

We also stock a range of arm cast protectors for children which are also is a short and long size.


  • Ideal for use in the bath or shower with gentle submersion
  • The Atlantis Cast Protectors are reusable making them great value for money – just hang out to dry between uses
  • If required they can be cleaned in soapy water
  • Latex free – suitable for those with latex allergies
  • NOT SUITABLE for use with open or undressed wounds
  • Not designed for use whilst swimming

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