Aquarius Bidet Sitz Bath For Toilet Seat – Easy Portable Intimate Cleaning

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A simple Sitz bath that will retro fit to most toilet seats perfect for intimate cleansing.


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What’s a Sitz Bath?

The Aquarius Hygiene Sitz Bath UK; a strong plastic bowl used to create a warm, shallow bath for intimate washing. It is ideal for every day personal hygiene cleansing and a warm Sitz Bath is also good for haemorrhoids relief. It is portable, lightweight and easy to store.

When to use?

As well as for use with everyday cleansing and hygiene other common reasons why you might want to consider using a Sitz Bath include:

  • You have recently had surgery
  • You’ve recently given birth
  • You’ve recently had haemorrhoids removed
  • You have discomfort from haemorrhoids
  • You have discomfort with bowel movements

How to use a Sitz Bath?

The Sitz Tub is slightly larger in size than a standard toilet bowl so it can be easily and securely placed underneath the toilet seat to allow you to remain seated while in use. Once in place simply fill with warm water and any medications or cleansing products required. It has a built in soap dish for convenient cleaning.

Then simply wash or soak for as long as is required. The Bath has a vent hole to prevent water from spilling. Any excess water overflows straight into the toilet and can be flushed away.


  • Measures approx. 42cm long x 38cm wide x 11cm deep.
  • Weights approx. 350g
  • Stackable
  • Design incorporates overflow holes so water will not spill onto the floor when washing
  • Product Code : AQSB01

If buying for the relief of haemorrhoids pain consider using Witch Hazel Wipes as a dual strategy to relieve pain.

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Dimensions 42 × 38 × 11 cm