Aquarius Refresher Bidet – Convenient Personal Hygiene

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Requires no batteries and no need to recharge!

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A new and improved version of our very popular product; The Aquarius Refresher Bidet.

The Aquarius Hygiene Refresher Bidet a simple low cost handheld bidet personal hygiene aid. It is ideal for use when travelling and away from home. Enabling you to enjoy a clean refreshed feeling anywhere; it is small, light, and discreet. The spray nozzle arm is removable for compact storage.

The bottle is made from a soft, clear, very flexible easy to squeeze plastic. Meaning it is an ideal solution for a variety of health conditions.

The new and improved version has an amended design to the spray head meaning it can now be inserted within the bottle, making storing the Refresher Handheld Bidet even easier and more compact.

Insert the bidet spray head within the bottle to wash the spray head, we recommend to do this regularly in disinfectant. The Refresher Bidet comes with 2 different spray head caps.

As this product has no batteries there’s no need to recharge, therefore meaning there is no risk of being caught with flat batteries just when you need it.

The new Aquarius Refresher Bidet also has a one way air inlet valve on the bottom of the bottle to prevent the bottle becoming misshaped whilst spraying. Gently knock the bottom of the bottle to release the valve ball if it becomes air locked.

How to use the Refresher Bidet:

Simply fill the bottle with water directly from the tap at your preferred temperature; however we do not recommended temperatures exceeding 30°c. The bottle can hold around 450ml of water.

Once filled attach the spray head. Using your index finger press the valve on the bottom of the bottle and place upside down to avoid sprayer. Position the bidet bottle for cleaning and compress and decompress by squeezing the bottle.

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