Oasis Waterless Hair Care Cap – No Rinse Dry Shampoo

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The Oasis Waterless No Rinse Dry Shampoo Cap


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There is nothing worse than not being able to wash your hair and how much better do you feel when you can finally do so! This waterless hair care cap from Oasis can solve your hair washing headache!

Why use a Waterless Hair Care Cap?

  • A quick, no mess, clean hair solution!
  • 1 cap contains shampoo and conditioner
  • Great to use and achieve great results and you feel better
  • You can use whilst sat in bed, in a chair with no need to use water
  • Reduces health and safety risks
  • Kind to your skin and your hair

How to use a Waterless Hair Care Cap

  • Apply the cap to your head, making sure it completely covers all of your hair
  • Massage all over until your hair feels covered
  • Remove and then towel dry
  • Waterless hair care caps are used widely by medical staff and care workers
  • Single patient use

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