Drive DeVilbiss Portable Bath Step – Stackable Modular Design

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Makes getting in and out of the bath easy and safe!

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Designed to give you more independence around your home, this portable/stackable Bath Step from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare provides a modular step system that makes getting in and out of your bath easier and safer. The single step provides a 10cm (4″) rise on its own. Its’ unique modular design allows multiple steps to be stacked, thereby further steps (sold separately) can be stacked on top of each other and add 5cm (2″) increments depending on your individual/bath requirements. The bath step comes with 4 removable covers on the surface that lock into another step when stacking. The attractive, textured surface is padded for comfort and is slip resistant for your safety.


  • Modular step that makes stepping in and out of bath easy and safe
  • Single step used on its own gives raise of 10cm (4”)
  • Multiple steps (sold separately) can be stacked on top of each other to give height increments of 5cm (2”) to suit different user/bath requirements
  • Built-in, attractive, padded surface is comfortable and slip-resistant for safety
  • Four circular plugs on upper surface of step are easily removed to allow another step to be inserted into them for secure locking when stacked
  • Non-slip feet provide stability on different flooring
  • All surfaces are easy to wipe clean
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