Drive DeVilbiss Pedal Exerciser – Endless Health Benefits

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A versatile pedal exerciser for use around the home or in the office

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Everyone agrees that exercise is good for you; it stimulates those ‘feel good’ endomorphines in our brain that improve how we feel, so our energy levels are boosted!  Gentle exercise is better than no exercise at all. This pedal exerciser with digital display from Drive DeVilbiss has endless health benefits, whether you have limited mobility or require low impact rehabilitation and exercise. Versatile and portable, this pedal exerciser can be used at home, at the office – anywhere that has a solid floor surface! The resistance from the pedals (complete with toe straps) can be adjusted to increase or decrease the effort needed. The onboard computer can show you the time you have worked out or the amount of calories that have been consumed.


  • Ideal for users with limited mobility allowing exercise which is low impact and easy on the joints
  • The pedal exerciser is great for use around the home, in the office, etc
  • The resistance from the pedals can be adjusted to increase or decrease the effort required
  • The on board computer to show time or gauge calories consumed, cycles or RPM
  • Easily folds for storage
  • Pedals come complete with toe-straps

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