Age UK Disposable Bed Protectors

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  • High absorbency bed and chair pads
  • Quickly absorb liquid for rapid dryness
  • Waterproof back sheet protector
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Try these bed pad protectors from Age UK; a brand you can trust.  These versatile, super absorbent, disposable pads can be used on a chair or bed at night time or during the day.

Designed to help maintain dignity and independence, the pads make cleaning up quicker and easier.  Liquid is quickly absorbed and the waterproof backing ensures the pad stays in place and eliminates the risk of any leaks and works to ensure that you always feels comfortable and dry.


  • Versatile; can be used on a chair as well as a bed
  • Feel comfortable and dry all day or night long
  • Ensure clean up is quick and easy
  • Waterproof backing ensures the pad stays in place and minimises the risk of leaking

Available in a choice of 2 sizes

  • The 60 x 60cm square bed pads come in a pack of 30 pads and are a Regular+ absorbency rating meaning they will hold up to 1170ml of liquid with a waterproof backing to prevent liquid leakage.
  • The second pack size contains 25 pads per pack but with larger pad sizes measuring 60 x 90cm. The larger pad size means they have a higher absorbency rating on Extra+ meaning they hold up to 2090ml.

Please note: This is a disposable product and no attempt should be made to clean or re-use it.

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60cm x 60cm – Pack of 30, 60cm x 90cm – Pack of 25