Personal Hygiene

Skin is the most important barrier for maintaining daily hygiene and good health and well being. We have a range of products for intimate hygiene and personal care; maintain freshness all day long.


We stock products for incontinence that are absorbent, discreet and disposable, with no embarrassing orders for freedom and confidence. Incontinence pads can also be used to protect furniture, such as chairs and beds.

Bed bath

Bed bath wash mitt systems to reduce discomfort and distress for the patient and making it easier for careers when bathing is not possible as well as being a time saving solution and more hygienic compared to a traditional bed bath thanks to the single use disposable wipes.

Feminine Hygiene

Aquarius Hygiene also has its own range of feminine hygiene wipes and witch hazel with to assist with haemorrhoid treatment and soothing external itching.

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Showing all 4 results