Exercise & Physio Aids

Get active!

It can be difficult for those with limited mobility to get active. Using this range of products will give you protection when you exercise, provide a low impact effective way to exercise, help aid recovery from injuries as well as improving overall health and well being.

Exercise aids

Reduce joint pain and discomfort from ailments, targeting and treating pressure points, increasing circulation with low impact on joints as well as exercise aids that can be used daily with minimal intrusion and that are discreet when worn all day.

Protection during injury

Trying to maintain good personal hygiene whilst you have a broken bone, sprain or injury that requires support is extremely difficult without a cast protector. Our range of Atlantis cast protectors are available in a range of sizes for both adults and children for the foot, hand, leg or arm. The importance of keeping pots, bandages, dressings and casts clean and dry cannot be stressed enough to aid in the healing process and prevent further issues developing. Bathe and relax knowing your cast is protected and dry. In addition, they are latex free, reusable and include free convenient home delivery.

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Showing all 4 results