Daily Living Aids

As we get older, everyday life can present its’ challenges and in turn that can decide whether we are able to maintain the independence and freedom in our own homes that we have been so used to and want to keep.

A range of daily living aids that really will make a difference!

Our range of products include simple daily living mobility aids for use around your home like the Comfort M Bed Rail and the Over Bed Table that can not only enhance life as we get older but ensure that we maintain our dignity and independence for longer, offering solutions to everyday issues as we age.  Products such as the Handy Grabber or the Uccello Kettle and Handy Key Turner really can make a difference to you and make life easier for you in your own home!

Making life easier getting out and about

So going out is a bit of a challenge for you now but it is still important for you to enjoy time out with friends for the day or you are determined to get out and about to do the weekly shop but need that extra bit of support along the way? One of our new additions to our range is the Shop n Sit Shopping Trolley; a stylish and trendy addition to your trip, wherever you may be going.

A wide range of wheelchair accessories

We have also extended our range of wheelchair accessories to ensure that you can be out and about and keep warm and dry at the same time; the Wheelchair Cosy Wrap and Poncho will certainly fit the bill! Included in this specialist range is a Wheelchair Bag and a Scooter Bag which will ensure that any kit you need to take with you, can be stored conveniently.  Fitting most wheelchairs and scooters they really are a must for a trip out and a really useful accessory.

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