Comfort & Support

Comfort and support is vital when recovering from injury, surgery or even for a good night’s sleep.

For use at home, whilst out driving in the car, whether at your desk in the office or the disabled user, our range of products will bring you the support and comfort that is important to aid recovery and promote wellbeing.

Relief from painful conditions

Donut ring cushions, available as memory foam or inflatable, will bring instant relief to the haemorrhoid and pile sufferer, reducing and redistributing pressure post-surgery and following childbirth.

Improvement in general health

To improve sitting position and posture, orthopaedic lumbar and posture support cushions as well as back braces are ideal for those suffering from a variety of discomforts; broken or damaged tail bones, coccyx pain, lower back and lumbar pain, pressure ulcers, hernia, pelvic pain, nerve damage, scoliosis, fibromyalgia.

Supportive braces, available for the knee and ankle provide stabilising support for weak joints.  Using compression gloves can help with arthritic relief and for those with tendonitis or plantar fasciitis syndrome, the support sock offers relief, sturdiness and stability.

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Showing all 3 results