Bidet & Urinals

Our range of bidets, urinals, bed pans, Sitz bath and Shattaf sprayers to assist with good maintenance of daily personal hygiene.

Bidets for Home

To work alongside your existing bathroom suite, with toilet seat bidets to replace the existing seat or slim fit bidets that work along side the existing seat. Also ideal for hospital stays, respite, rental homes, and as cost-effective alternatives to shower toilets. Most of which require minimal installation and little or no plumbing knowledge to install.

As well as intimate cleaning and personal hygiene our range of bidets for the same are ideal for treating haemorrhoids and piles, post-surgery and for postnatal and postpartum hygiene.

The range also includes Shattaf bidets ideal for those who observe Islamic cleanliness and hygiene.

Bidets for Travel

We also have a wide range of discreet bidets, urinal and other toileting products designed for anyone to use anytime, anywhere and everywhere – offering convenient relief and giving you the comfort of feeling refreshed and clean.

In the car stuck in traffic, no toilet available, for that mobile lifestyle. Why travel anywhere without one?   Camping, hiking, festivals or on a cruise, whatever the activity, don’t get caught short; the perfect travel companion!

Mobile emergency toilets, disposable urinals, handheld bidets including battery free and USB rechargeable versions, bidets that require no mains power for operation and can be used discreetly anywhere, a must have travel accessory for people on the go. Reliable, affordable, lightweight, portable and convenient personal hygiene.

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Showing all 6 results