Q. How is the Aquarius Porta-Bidet powered?
A. It has rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Q. How long does it take to Charge?
A. When first unpacked please leave on Charge for 12 hours to conditionthe battery.
There after the unit will charge overnight when required.

Q. How long does a charge last?
A. Depending on useage Aquarius is designed to last for at least a week but in testing we have had more the 250 wash cycles out of one single charge.

Q. How much does it weigh?
A. 1.5 Kilo’s.

Q. How much does the water reservoir hold?
A. Its capacity is 1.5 litres and can do up to 10 wash cycles in one resorvior at full pressure.

Q. Does the Aquarius Porta Bidet have a warranty?
A. Yes 12 months.

Q.  Are the Batteries replaceable?
A. Yes the batteries are specially formulated for the Aquarius and the unit has to be returned to our warehouse for replacement

Q. Is the pressure adjustable?
A. Yes the pressure can be reset to your own comfort. (Hold the control button down and the pressure will increase until it reaches your comfort zone. Then simply release the button and then the pressure is set in the memory).

Q. If I live overseas can I still purchase the Aquarius Porta-Bidet?
A. Yes but there will be an additional shipping charge please fill in the e-mail contact sheet with your delivery address then we will inform you of the price.
Please note the order will have to be processed manually at this stage.
Note We are currently looking for overseas agents but for now the above is the only way.

Q. Is it safe to take on a plane?
A. The Aquarius is fitted with rechargeable sealed Nickel-metal hydride batteries and is accepted by most airlines.