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What Is a Portable Commode Chair and What Are the Benefits?

Portable commode chair beside a hospital bed

We spend about 8 months of our life on the loo. The average Brit uses the toilet around 8 times a day. And if you drink a lot of water, or suffer from fluid retention, that figure will bob up and down during the week.

Using the loo is a normal part of life, but for those with mobility issues, this basic necessity can cause anxiety and distress. So, what can be done to make life easier when you’ve got a mobility issue? And how can a portable commode chair help?

If you or a loved one has mobility problems as a result of an accident, injury or illness, we’re here to help. What is a bedside commode? Ever wondered how to use a commode toilet? And what is a commode used for? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Commode Chair?

A commode chair is a movable toilet that doesn’t flush or use running water. It takes the shape of a chair, usually with raised arms, and includes a toilet seat.

Underneath the seat, there’s a bowl which collects the waste as it’s eliminated. After use, the bowl can be removed, and the contents disposed of in a regular toilet.

There are many different types of commode. Some are height-adjustable, some are built to accommodate a heavier user. There are wheelchair commodes that are easy and quick to move.

And some commodes are so discreet, you won’t even realise they’re actually a loo.

Why Use a Commode?

If someone is suffering from restricted movement because of an injury or illness, using the toilet can seem like a mountain to climb.

When the monumental task of getting themselves from A (a bed or chair) to B (the bathroom) is removed, though, it also removes a lot of the stress.

Commodes make using the toilet convenient and easy. A user can spend less time worrying about how to avoid using the loo, and more time focusing on getting better.

The Benefits of Using a Portable Commode Chair

Are you or a loved one suffering with restricted mobility? If so, you’ll know that previously simple things like eating and using the toilet can suddenly be really, really hard. A portable commode chair makes going to the loo much easier.

Reduces Nighttime Falls

At some time or another, we all have to use the loo at night. Stumbling around in the dark trying to find the toilet is difficult at the best of times, but when you’re injured, it can be dangerous.

The use of a commode by the bed makes it much easier for an individual to go to the toilet during the night. This reduces the risk of falling in the dark, and re-injury (or worse) as a result.

Preserves the Dignity of the User

The thought of getting caught short while you’re going about your day is humiliating. That feeling doesn’t suddenly vanish when your mobility is restricted.

Using a commode makes toilet trips much easier, and avoids the embarrassment of not making it in time.

Promotes Better Bladder Health

What do you do when the thought of using the toilet causes a panic? You stop drinking fluids, in the hope the urge will go away.

Unfortunately, drinking too little can cause UTIs (urinary tract infections) and bladder issues as a result. The concentration of bacteria in the urinary tract build to the point of infection. UTIs can cause pain, discomfort and even confusion.

By making it easier to use the loo, individuals can maintain their regular fluid intake, safe in the knowledge the toilet’s within reach.

Allows for Holidays and Trips Away

When you have mobility issues, your home toilet setup can be just what you need. The problem comes when you want to go on holiday, or on a day trip. What if the toilet facilities aren’t up to scratch, or are difficult to access?

A portable bidet can help when you’re out and about, but they’re not ideal for when you’re relaxing in your accommodation.

A folding portable commode chair is the answer. These handy helpers are adjustable, have a carry handle and are easy to pack, so you never have to avoid holidays because of the loo again.

Avoid Accidents in a Shared Home

Sometimes, it’s not that you’re unable to use the regular toilet full stop, but that the urge to go requires immediate action. When you’re living with others, though, an unoccupied toilet can’t be guaranteed.

A portable commode can be a safety net, something that’s always in the background for use at any time.

Easier for Wheelchair Users

The width of a wheelchair means that access to some toilets can be difficult. Rather than users and caregivers having to struggle in and out of a bathroom, a commode chair can make the task a lot simpler.

The stability and structure of a commode may also mean a wheelchair user can access the commode unaided. That way, independence is preserved and life is much simpler when it comes to using the loo.

Adjustable Height to Suit Mobility

With stiff knees and aching hips and joints, actually manoeuvring onto the toilet itself can be a challenge. Many commode chairs are height-adjustable, meaning they can be tailored to suit the user.

A higher position means less movement is required to access the toilet seat. This lessens the stress on bones and joints, and causes less pain and anxiety to the user.

A Portable Commode Chair Makes Life Easier

A portable commode chair reduces the risk of re-injury when the user is recovering from a fall or accident. It also reduces the anxiety a user feels about a trip to the bathroom and allows for easier recreation, like day trips and holidays.

But most of all, a commode preserves the dignity of the user. It promotes autonomy, so you or your loved one can maintain your independence as much as possible.

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