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The Best Wheelchair Accessories to Make Your Chair More Comfortable

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Are you dealing with a chronic disability and spending a lot of time in a wheelchair? It’s tough.

Our bodies aren’t designed to sit all day.

So if you spend an ample amount of time in a wheelchair, it makes sense that your body is going to experience discomfort.

Still, your wheelchair is your source of freedom and mobility.

Make the experience as comfortable as possible with wheelchair accessories.

Wheelchair Accessories Provide More Comfort

There are a few simple things you can do to make your chair more comfortable.

For instance, adjust the footrests so that your knees are slightly higher than your hips – but not so high that your back is pressed against the back of the chair.

Another option is to recline the backrest a few degrees.

And crossing your legs could help too, since doing so redirects the pressure of your body on your lower back. You just have to remember to switch your legs every couple of hours, so as not to get sores.

If you’ve already put these into action, then it’s time to look at accessories that will improve your comfort.

Seat Cushion

Most wheelchair users start with a new seat cushion. There are many to choose from, so prepare to spend a little time trying them.

Some of the available cushions come in high or low profile models so you can find one that’s right for you. And since they can greatly decrease skin breakdown, some cushions are covered by insurance.

Cushioned Armrests

Nobody wants to rest their arms on plastic all day. Plastic is neither a luxurious nor supportive material.

Investing in cushioned armrests can make a huge difference in your comfort level. And if you rely on your armrests to transfer in and out of your wheelchair, you’ll notice the difference cushioned armrests make right away.

Lateral Side Supports

If the nature of your injury or condition leaves you with balance problems or difficulty in torso control, then you’ll fare well with lateral side supports.

These small protrusions at the side of your backrest enable stability in your torso so that you don’t have to keep readjusting from side to side.

Lumbar Support

You know that lower part of your back where it curves inward? This is your lumbar region and keeping it supported is key to comfort.

There are a wide range of quality lumbar support seat or cushion attachments, so you’re sure to find something that does the trick.


You may not consider clothes as a wheelchair accessory. But if you think about it, the thicker your clothes are, the more bulky discomfort you’ll experience in your chair.

So when you shop for clothes, lean toward thinner fabrics. Even in the colder winter months, there are special fabrics that fit this bill while still keeping you warm.

Ease into the Comfort

Why make your life even more challenging?

There’s no sense in experiencing discomfort when a few wheelchair accessories can bring relief. They’re a small investment that can offer big rewards.

And if you’re looking for other ways to bring comfort into your life, take a look at our comfort and support products. Because the truth is, we all need a little support sometimes.