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What is a Portable Bidet & Which Bidets Are Best for Travelling?

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Some people swear by their bidets at home. Whether you use one for medical reasons or as a personal preference, bidets provide more cleanliness “down under” than toilet paper alone.

But when you’re travelling, you can’t trust your accommodations to have a bidet. Consider packing a portable model.

What is a portable bidet? Unlike an attachment for your toilet seat at home, it’s a small device that works by squeezing a bottle.

Portable bidets allow you to experience the benefits of a bidet while you’re on the road.

Here are our recommendations for a few of the best portable bidets while you’re on the go away from home.

1. Aquarius Portable Handy Travel Bidet

One of the best perks of this on-the-go bidet is the rechargeable battery.

This small handheld device is small enough to carry with you just about anywhere — even on a daily basis. Keep yourself clean during a busy workday or when travelling on longer adventures away from home.

The battery power does the work for you. It’s powerful enough for most adults and gentle enough for babies and children.

Recharge it with the USB plug-in adapter for increased convenience.

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2. Aquarius Hygiene Freedom Travel Bidet

If you don’t want the hassle of charging your bidet, the Aquarius Hygiene Freedom Travel Bidet is your best choice.

This travel bidet is always ready when you need it. With a manual hand pump operation, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any electric power to work.

Just fill the reservoir with water, turn the pressure valve, and pump by hand to build pressure. Release the valve to release the water stream when you’re ready.

This bidet is perfect for adventures taking you off the grid. It’s also perfect for frequent use. There’s no downtime needed to recharge.

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3. Aquarius Refresher Bidet

One of the simplest and lowest-cost portable bidets, the Aquarius Refresher Bidet is the perfect option for travel and convenience.

But don’t worry — the low cost of this bidet doesn’t sacrifice any quality of care for your discreet areas.

Simply fill the Aquarius Refresher with water and set the temperature of your choice. Position the nozzle and squeeze the bottle to clean where needed.

The spray nozzle detaches and inserts into the bottle for easy travel. The newest version of the Aquarius Refresher also has a one-way air valve to help prevent mishaps while spraying.

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Take Your Bidet Anywhere You Go

When you have to go on the go, be sure you have a bidet you can trust.

Any of these portable bidets are excellent options for keeping yourself as clean as you are in the comfort of your own home.

Are you unsure about using this device? Do you wonder if it’s sanitary? Is it more hygienic than using toilet paper?

Read here for answers to these and other bidet questions. Whether it’s a home bidet or a portable bidet, we think you’ll find many benefits to using one for cleanliness where you need it most.

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