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5 Accessories That Can Make Daily Life Easier for Seniors

Bathroom with grab rails to help seniors

Falling and not being able to get up isn’t just a phrase in a commercial. It happens. If you or a loved one is losing motor skills, you may worry about falling becoming a terrible reality.

You can’t avoid all risk, but you can get special products for seniors that make daily living easier.

Here are some of our top choices below.

1. Playing Card Holder

Go to any hospital, assisted living facility, or nursing home and you’ll see packs of cards all over. Playing cards is a great way to pass the time.

If you’re a jack of all trades or a card game specialist with arthritis or the shakes, one thing is true. You need help holding those slippery cards without showing them off.

That’s where playing card holders come in. They make it easier to sort your cards and cause less muscle strain.

Got little kids or grandchildren who haven’t mastered the card hold yet? Get them one too!

2. Handy Bar Car Assist

To get in and out of the car, you don’t have much to hold on to. In the old days, you could hold on to the safety strap. Now it’ll release down and take you with it.

That’s if it doesn’t slip through your fingers!

This Handy Bar Car handle can help. It’s a lever-like device that inserts into the U hook on your car. You slip it in and the handle locks it in place. You can push down on it to help you get in and out of the car.

It easily stores in your purse or in the side door pocket of your car, awaiting its next use.

3. Home Grab Bars

On the same note, some seniors need help getting up from the toilet or need an extra grip getting in and out of the shower. They make wall-install and suction cup grab bars to give an extra hand.

4. Handy Grabber

A lot of the times people get hurt in old age is when they’re trying to get something that’s just out of reach. A handy grabber tool can help with that.

It takes some getting used to but it can strengthen weak or arthritic hands.

Don’t bend over if you drop something and risk falling or not being able to get back up. It’s not worth the risk!

5. Easy Pour Kettle

If you have shaky hands or aren’t very strong, a kettle full of boiling water is a dangerous thing.

Thankfully you don’t have to give up your afternoon tea or wait for someone to pour you a cuppa. This device is an electric kettle on an easy gliding system. All you do is tip, then drink.

Products for Seniors

Your life doesn’t have to get harder with age. You or your loved one have to find new ways to do things.

These products for seniors can help and do some of the heavy lifting. Don’t live with a lower quality of life, get higher quality products.

It can’t hurt to try.