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5 Tools To Help You Live Alone With A Chronic Disability

Live alone with a chronic disability

Even if you suffer from a chronic disability, it’s important to still hold on to some of your independence.

Living alone is certainly possible for those who suffer from a disability. If you live alone and are facing some challenges due to your disability, this article will provide you with some tools to help make your life a bit easier.

1. Install a Medical Alert System

If you live alone with a chronic disability, you should take extra measures to ensure you’re never in medical danger.

Start by installing a medical alert system, the NHS and your local authority can help with this. In the event that something happens to you, the system will alert emergency professionals and you will get the help you need.

Knowing you can call a team right away with the push of a button, will give you peace of mind when you live alone.

The medical alert system will be customized to your needs so you get the response in seconds. When you deal with a medical condition, seconds matter.

2. Make Some Friends Nearby

Living alone with a chronic disability is not easy, and it will help to have some people to count on.

If it’s possible, you should get to know your neighbours. While it’s not necessary for you to become best friends with them, it doesn’t hurt to get to know them.

When neighbours look out for each other, it can make everyone feel safer. They can help keep an eye out on suspicious activity in the neighbourhood and even make a house call when you need a hand.

Organisations like Age UK also offer befriending services that you may qualify for.

3. Medication Dispenser

Dealing with a chronic disability and living alone has many challenges. And one of them is taking your medications when you’re supposed to.

Having a medication dispenser is the key to simplify your life when you live alone and dealing with a chronic disability.

This type of dispenser will give you daily reminders that you need to take your medication. If you have no one else living with you to remind you, it might be hard to stay on track of everything.

4. Smart Lights

Depending on your disability, simple tasks such as turning on the lights can be a challenge. There’s nothing worse than getting comfortable in your bed only to get up to turn off the lights.

To help you with this issue, you should install smart lighting in your house. That way you can control it from anywhere in the house.

You might be able to dim the lights from the comfort of your bath.

5. Extra Security System

If you’re dealing with a disability and live by yourself, you should invest in a smart security system.

You should install cameras in your front door so you’re always aware of who is ringing your doorbell.

Also, you might be able to let them in the house remotely.

Live Alone With a Chronic Disability

Living by yourself when you face a chronic disability can be challenging. But if you take some measures such as installing security, smart lights, getting a medication dispenser, and create a medical alert program, it could simplify things.

If you currently live alone and are dealing with a disability, you should take a look at our products. Aquarius hygiene is here to make your life easier.

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