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Are Bidets More Sanitary? Here’s What You Need to Know

Toilet and bidet besides each other in a tiled bathroom

French nobility wanted a way to cleanse after using the chamber pot and horseback riding. The French began cleansing themselves with bidets in the 1700’s.

Having a full bath was difficult, and the bidet was the answer. It’s sanitizing popularity spread across European and Middle Eastern countries. But are bidets sanitary?

Proponents of the bidet claim they are. Those who use toilet paper claim their way is the best. We are going to find the answer for you.

What Does it Do?

Bidets clean you after using the bathroom. The image of the strange toilet looking appliance next to the toilet comes to mind.

This isn’t your only option though. Today’s technology allows you to install an aftermarket bidet in your existing toilet.

Once installed, use your toilet as you normally would. Then use the bidet controls to adjust the water temperature and pressure.

Rinse the areas that need cleansing. Then dry off with a provided towel or toilet paper.

This modern design allows users to remain in place for the entire process. This makes the experience quicker and cleaner.

Toilet Paper

The bidet has struggled to gain popularity in America. Toilet paper is the method of choice, where 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper get put to use annually.

Consider taking a shower with only a dry towel. Or washing your hands with only a dry paper towel. Neither of these actions will clean you of dirt or bacteria.

Using this logic for the toilet paper, how can it clean you? Using water instead of toilet paper will rinse away germs and bacteria.

Benefits for Women

Bacteria is the main cause of urinary tract infections for women. These bacteria are not removed by wiping on the outside with toilet paper.

Women should rinse the inside with a bidet or hand-held shower head. This is not an area that toilet paper can clean.

Medical Conditions

Irritable bowel syndrome or haemorrhoids sufferers will appreciate the gentleness of water. Wiping dry toilet paper across the sensitive skin can cause conditions to worsen.

Open sores in this delicate area are especially at risk of infection. Bidet use reduces irritation and the number of bacteria in the area.

Install a slim bidet nozzle onto your toilet to use before you wipe. This will provide relief from the rough friction of dry toilet paper.

Is The Bidet Clean?

What about the wand the water comes out of in a bidet? Can it be sanitary to use the same bidet as others?

Of course it is! Today’s bidet nozzles are automatically self-cleaning. The nozzle retracts while not in use to prevent any contamination.

They also have anti-bacterial qualities. Anything cleaned from the previous person won’t stick around for your use.

The hand-held shower style doesn’t come into contact with the used water. These are a nozzle with a hose outside of the toilet. You point at the area you are cleaning.

Are Bidets Sanitary

In the bidet vs toilet paper decision, washing is the key to cleanliness. The bidet benefits outweigh the benefits of toilet paper.

Instead of asking yourself, are bidets sanitary, ask why aren’t you using one yet? Today’s technology makes it easy by combining the toilet seat and bidet.

Replace your old toilet seat and you can start enjoying the gentle cleansing. Those with medical conditions will enjoy the relief water cleansing provides.

Rinsing after going to the bathroom will remove the bacteria. Once used, your bidet will clean in preparation for the next use.

Install a smart bidet seat on your toilet today.

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