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Bathing for the Elderly: Your Guide to the Bathtub Bench and Other Useful Products

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The bathroom is often the most dangerous place in the house for anyone. More than one-third of injuries at home happen in the bath or the shower. According to the CDC, 235,000 people per year visit the ER as a result of an accident that occurred in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of being injured in the bathroom increases as we get older. What’s interesting, however, is that for the elderly, more than half of injuries happen near the toilet whereas bathing injuries are most common among young people.

The difference, we suspect, is because of the bath mobility products available to help those who have mobility challenges get around safely.

If you’re finding yourself feeling unstable in the shower or tub, you’ll likely benefit from products like a bathtub bench.

Few of us are familiar with these products until we need them, so we’ve put together a guide to bathroom mobility products for anyone who needs help getting out of the bathtub.

Extra Confidence in the Bathtub: Products for Safety and Security

You may be already familiar with products like the bathtub bench, but there are a variety of products available for a range of mobility needs.

Grab Rails & Assists

Grab rails and assists are easy-to-install bars to place in and around your bath and shower. They give you a secure way to steady yourself if you’re feeling weak or unsure.

Many of today’s grab rails stick securely to your wall, making them easier than ever to install or remove for folks who live in rental homes or apartments or who intend to sell their home imminently.

Shower Chair and Stools

Shower chairs and stools are ergonomic, water-proof furniture to aid anyone who finds they need a sit-down shower. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one to suit your shower and your mobility needs.

Bathtub Bench

A bathtub bench is a simple device that extends across the width of your bathtub to provide a space to sit should you need it. It’s the bath equivalent of a shower stool and is simple to install and remove if need be.

Transfer Benches

If you’re struggling to get out of the tub, try a transfer bench. A transfer bench is a play on a bathtub bench, but it extends over the side of the tub. You can use it as a regular bath bench or sit on one side and scoot across for extra support. These benches tend to have a back and a grab bar on one side for extra comfort.

Bathtub Lift

Those who need assistance with standing up and sitting down may benefit from a bath lift. These battery-powered lifts help you in and out of the tub by lifting and lowering you safely to avoid any accidental tumbles.

Buy for Mobility and Safety

Navigating the bathroom gets harder as you get older, but these mobility aids will keep you safe and independent.

Are you nervous in your own bathroom? Keep your bath the sanctuary it should be with mobility-inspired bathroom accessories.

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