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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use a Bidet

What if you could completely change how you go to the bathroom?

That’s the goal for new bidet owners, especially as more and more Americans are thinking of making the change. However, it’s a pretty big change, and not everyone can immediately figure out how to use a bidet.

Read on for a step-by-step guide.

1. Use the Toilet

It’s a bit obvious, but you need to do your business in the toilet before you can use the bidet! The bidet, in turn, is only here to help you clean up afterwards.

2. Sit on the Bidet

Next comes the part where you sit on the bidet. The design may limit how to use a bidet, and you may be able to straddle it instead or to face in either direction.

Many people prefer to sit or straddle the bidet in a way where they are facing the controls. This gives you easy access to adjust both the force and the temperature of the water.

If you’re considering buying a bidet, you should know there are models that you can add to an existing toilet to help save space!

One note: you should have your pants off before using the bidet. This makes sitting and using it that much easier for you!

3. Making Adjustments

A big part of learning how to use a bidet comes from learning how to make those adjustments we mentioned. The right (or wrong) adjustment settings may fundamentally alter the kind of experience you have with the bidet.

Some bidets may only give one temperature option, and that’s room temperature. Others let you adjust the hot and the cold so that you can find the exact temperature you want. All bidets should let you adjust how much water is coming out at once.

4. Align the Angles

Actually cleaning yourself with the bidet means finding the right angle for your body. For instance, it may be easiest to squat over certain models, so you should experiment and find the best combination of comfortable and effective.

Your bidet may have a specially designed seat. If so, make sure you are sitting on the rim of it!

5. The Actual Cleaning

The bidet will either have a water basin or jets of water. Either way, you use this water to clean any of your areas that need cleaning.

In this case, how to use a bidet is a bit like how to use a shower: you should use your hands to ensure that all of your areas are getting completely clean. Don’t be shy: getting thoroughly clean is why you wanted to learn how to use a bidet in the first place!

6. Drying Off

The final step is quite simple. It’s time to dry off your body and, as needed, the area around the bidet.

If there is a towel hanging nearby, you are meant to use that towel. Otherwise, you can dry off with toilet paper.

Make sure to thoroughly clean your own body as well as the floor if any water splashed out!

The Bottom Line of How to Use a Bidet

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering getting a bidet. However, you may not know where you can get all the supplies you need.

At Aquarius Hygiene, we are the final authority on any and all hygiene products you need. Be sure to check out our supply of bidet and sanitary products today!

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