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3 Reasons to Buy a Bidet Toilet Attachment

History is littered with ideas that once seemed good and ended up bad.

We used to put lead in our petrol and paint. Doctors recommended cigarettes. Asbestos was used for insulation.

Thankfully we’ve come a long way and have recognised how dangerous many of these practices were.

Yet there’s still one destructive practice that we remain committed to despite its absurdity. A practice that’s environmentally destructive, economically wasteful and just plain weird when you think about it.

Keep reading to find out why switching to a bidet toilet attachment is a step into the future.

Think of the Trees

Introduced in 1857, toilet paper has become the accepted way to manage self-cleaning in the bathroom.

This has led to a massive industry based on the practice of cutting down trees that are then processed, bleached, packaged, and shipped out to stores.

They provide a minutes worth of service before being flushed into our sewage system where they remain a containment to be removed.

It’s an incredibly wasteful practice that requires a tremendous amount of electricity throughout much of its life cycle.

A bidet toilet attachment, instead, can last you several years, while creating drastically less environmental damage.

The amount of water used for one cleaning is infinitesimal when compared with the production and disposal of a roll of toilet paper.

Think of Your Skin

Can you imagine, after spending a day working outside, relying on a dry paper towel to remove the dirt and grime from your hands? The abrasive texture across your skin as you scrub at the build-up?

Yet this is what we use to clean one of our most sensitive areas. We return again and again to a method that we would never fathom applying on any other part of our body.

We use water to wash every other body part. Why stop where we do?

Think of Your Wallet

For all that’s required to generate a roll of toilet paper, its usefulness is momentary.

It’s one of those products we purchase over and over, often tracking sales prices so we can help mitigate its continual cost.

A bidet toilet attachment, on the other hand, uses a minimal amount of water that costs a fraction of the price.

The initial cost of buying the unit is recouped in no time, its value savings growing exponentially as time goes on.

And best of all: no red-faced trips to the store just for some emergency bathroom tissue.

Final Thoughts on the Bidet Toilet Attachment

Cultural practices are a funny thing.

We can often find ourselves working against our own best interests without even recognizing what we’re doing.

Toilet paper is the perfect example of this.

It’s so ingrained in our head to rely on a was of folded-up paper that we don’t even recognize the absurdity of it.

We take for granted the logging, the processing, the bleaching and transportation of it.

And that’s to say nothing of the damage that continues the moment we flush the toilet.

Many other cultures already know the benefits of using bidets for self-cleaning.

It’s simply more hygienic, more effective, more affordable and far less destructive than the alternative.

If you’re interested in learning more about the bidet toilet attachment, give us a visit. It’s the first step to a better future.