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5 Essential Bathroom Accessories for Seniors

Nothing is worse than travelling all the way to the toilet only to find out you’re missing the necessary bathroom accessories to get the job done.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Two-thirds of senior citizens with disabilities have mobility issues, and these can make a trip to the toilet akin to escaping from a booby-trapped dungeon. Therefore, having the right equipment handy for safety is no joke.

But with these five accessories, you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling on your tush (which is not fun at any age). In fact, your life will become a whole lot easier.

The Five Best Bathroom Accessories

A good bathroom accessory increases safety, efficiency, and convenience. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. That’s why we’ve ranked these as the best.

1. Slip-Resistant Mats

By the time you’ve reached this sentence, an older adult has been treated in an emergency room for a fall. Falls are that common.

As a result, many of our accessories focus on preventative actions that will help avoid such scenarios. Anti-slip mats are no exception, and oftentimes they’re even equipped with mildew resistance.

You can put mats in front of the toilet, outside of the shower, in the shower and anywhere else water collects or an elderly individual will have less balance control.

When you purchase a mat, be sure it is labelled as “non-slip.”

2. A “Two-in-One” Toilet Seat

Getting on and off of the toilet seat should belong in the Olympics.

Once we experience disabilities or mobility hardships, that toilet seat can turn into a hazard. Eighty percent of senior falls occur in the bathroom, but when you have to go… Well, you know the saying.

Most two in one toilet seats have handlebars on either side of the toilet and a raised seat. They help individuals raise and lower themselves, and the higher seat means less squatting.

And, yes, that means less chance of falling.

3. Transfer Shower Bench

Doesn’t a shower while sitting sound nice? It sure does, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even require a sit-in shower.

You can sit and wash with a shower chair. But let’s make your life even easier; after all, getting in and out of that tub is no picnic.

Say hello to the transfer shower bench.

This genius contraption sits on both sides of the bath, making it easier to get in and out. Furthermore, it also lets you sit in the shower.

4. Grab bars

While we’re on the subject of that hurdle known as the bath, we also recommend grab bars.

Grab bars are inexpensive and can be put wherever necessary. Having them in and out of the tub is ideal, as well as around the toilet.

They will help maintain balance and stop individuals from grabbing for less stable things in the case of a fall, like hooks and shelves. Or other people.

5. Reachers

Have you ever ran out of toilet paper while doing your business and looked longingly at that cupboard that was just out of reach?

Bending and stretching on tiptoes may still be doable, but (honestly) it just creates more aches and chances of falling.

Grabbers will ultimately save your back and toes from unnecessary trauma. Furthermore, having one handy if you need something outside of the bath while you’re showering saves you tons of hassle.

And let’s face it; they’re just so fun.

Are You Ready?

There’s no use in waiting for problems to fix themselves. It’s time to take your safety into your own hands.

Find the bathroom accessories that are right for you so that when you “have to go,” you can use the toilet in peace and without fear.

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