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Easy Lifestyle Changes that Prevent Haemorrhoids

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Have you ever dealt with haemorrhoids or want to prevent them at all costs?

Haemorrhoids are painful and uncomfortable, so it’s no wonder people want to prevent them at all costs.

If you want easy ways to help you change your lifestyle and help you prevent haemorrhoids, keep reading to learn how.

1. Go When You Have to Go

In case you didn’t know, constipation is uncomfortable. When you hold it for too long, your stools tend to get hard and dry up inside, which leads to constipation.

Constipation has been linked to haemorrhoids. While it’s okay for you to wait until you’ve found a toilet, try not to hold it for unnecessary periods of time.

2. Get More Exercise

Getting more exercise can help you prevent haemorrhoids from forming because it can help prevent constipation.

Exercise reduces the pressure on your veins, which is often caused when you sit or stand for long periods of time. Not to mention, exercise can help you lose a few lbs that also contribute to haemorrhoids.

3. Clean Your Bum

Having a clean bum has been shown to help prevent haemorrhoids. Putting some effort into your personal hygiene has a positive effect in preventing those pesky haemorrhoids.

Make it a habit to take a shower at night at least once a week and focus on cleaning your bum.

4. Eat More Fibre

As previously mentioned, hard stools can cause haemorrhoids. One way to prevent constipation is by increasing your fibre intake.

Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain fibre to help soften your stools. Just make sure you add fibre to your diet to avoid unnecessary gas.

5. Increase your H2O Intake

On top of the many properties drinking water has, it can also help prevent haemorrhoids.

Make sure you’re drinking water and not only liquids such as alcohol. Alcohol has the opposite effect and can cause haemorrhoids. Water helps you keep constipation away because healthy stools are 75% water.

6. Take it Easy

People who live a sedentary lifestyle or seem to take life easier have a lower chance of developing haemorrhoids.

One easy way to lower your chances of getting them is by taking it easy. Try to figure out ways to avoid excessive stress.

Also, people with physically demanding jobs are at risk of developing them due to the pressure put on their blood vessels.

7. Don’t Sit Too Long

As much as you might enjoy taking your phone or reading a magazine while you’re on the toilet, try to get in and get out.

Sitting for too long puts unnecessary pressure on the veins located in your anus.

The position you sit while on the toilet tends to strain your bowel movements putting you at risk.

Prevent Haemorrhoids With These Tips

It’s easier than you think to make the lifestyle changes that help prevent or stop haemorrhoids.

Avoid being constipated for long periods of time, stay active, and don’t sit for too long.

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