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5 Reasons to Consider Using a Shower Stool

Shower room with shower stool

What if adding one thing to your shower could make it safer and more functional?

Many of us suffer from mobility and balance issues, especially as we get older. Places like the shower are particularly dangerous and likely to cause someone to fall and hurt themselves.

Fortunately, a shower stool can help keep you safe. In fact, here are five good reasons to consider using shower stools.

1. The Shower Stool and Safety

The main reason to get a stool is for your safety. It lets you take a shower without worrying about injuries from falling or even drowning in the shower itself.

This also provides immense peace of mind. Many of us start our day with a shower; why not start the day with thoughts of positive peace, too?

2. Storage

One of the most overlooked features of shower stools are their storage potential. Even those who don’t regularly sit for their shower can benefit from having extra storage!

You can forgo a traditional shower stool and get a bench instead. The bench can be used to store everything from soap and shampoo to brushes and exfoliants.

Ultimately, you can enjoy the convenience of safety and the convenience of storage with the same purchase!

3. Relaxation

In addition to the peace of mind mentioned above, shower stools also help you genuinely relax as you shower. This is due to the convenience of the design.

Things like handgrips can help you get in and out of the shower, even if your mobility is limited to a wheelchair. These same grips help you safely stay upright as you change your position within the shower.

Just think: all of the stress that you now associate with trying to take a shower can be replaced with genuine relaxation.

4. Design

Most people considering a shower stool or bench are focusing on sheer function. However, the actual form of this bathroom addition can make the space more aesthetically pleasing.

You can do things like extend an installed shower bench slightly outside of the shower to give the whole area a very modern look, or simply buy a pre-made bench. Such modernity may also increase the value of your home, which is very useful if you eventually put it on the market.

5. Convenience for Guests

Most people focus on how shower stools can help them address issues with mobility and balance. However, it can also add a lot of convenience for any guests that you host in your home.

For instance, a chair or bench in the shower makes it much easier for a woman to shave her legs. And the storage possibilities we mentioned earlier provides a lot more room for anyone who needs to stretch out in your shower.

Your guests may just love the stool so much they end up buying one for their own homes!

Have a Better Shower Today!

If you’re considering a shower stool and don’t know where to start, that’s where we come in. Aquarium Hygiene provides the products you need for a safer and more secure home.

To see how we can improve your shower and your life, come see our selection of shower stools today!

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