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The Benefits of Using a Raised Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seat withwhite frame

Using the toilet is a troublesome experience you’d least likely expect. Yet, 13.3 million in the U.K. have difficulty functioning physically. A raised toilet seat is a potential solution for these millions of individuals.

How so?

Read on to learn who use these items and the benefits they provide.

Raised Toilet Seats: Who Benefits?

Raised height seat for toilet retro fitting

It may not seem like much but a raised toilet seat is a huge quality of life investment for many individuals. We able-bodied individuals take our mobility for granted. Raised seats return independence for those less mobile.

Who benefits?

  • Persons with disabilities
  • The elderly
  • Patients (post operation)

The raised seat is a plastic moulding set over the toilet bowl. There are several features depending on each model. Yet, the core intention is to help those having trouble using the commode.

A Raised Toilet Seat: 5 Notable Benefits

A raised toilet seat provides several benefits to its users. Let’s look at five to see if this item is right for you or a loved one.

#1: Closeness

Most raised seats provide 3-6 inches of occupied space. This removes the distance a user needs when sitting or standing. The closeness removes the chance of tumbles from being off-balanced.

Many raised seats have a larger width, too, accommodating larger individuals. This offers a larger surface area in case the person misaligned their sitting.

#2: Helpfulness for Others

About 7 million carers provide help throughout the U.K. The average adult weights 83.6kg. This is a difficult exertion for caregivers lifting clients up and off the toilet.

The extra space requires less force when helping clients. This adds safety for both parties. The caregiver can stabilize their client as they get up.

#3: Lift Support

Raised toilet seats have optional arm supports helping users during use. This is helpful for weakened persons from recent surgeries, age, or a disability.

The armrests and supports provide independence for those without a need for caregivers.

#4: Discretion

Raised seats lock in place by forming to the toilet seat opening. You’ll find some to use clips and brackets for added support. Most raised seats are permanently fixed to the toilet.

Yet, many units are detachable allowing people to remove the item at their discretion. This is beneficial for privacy or when others use the toilet.

#5: Security and Comfort

Some models included several extra features for security and comfort:

  • Backrests
  • Straps
  • Splash guards
  • Padding

These features help those having trouble staying on the seat. They provide comfort if the individual requires a longer time when using the commode.

Discreetly Buying a Raised Toilet Seat Online

We understand the importance of independence for ageing, disabled, or low mobility individuals. No one wants to claim they need assistance when using the bathroom. Yet, the benefits of a raised toilet seat are too valuable to ignore.

Raised seats improve quality of life. They’re a hygienic solution for those having difficulties with their commodes. Aquarius Hygiene offers a range of sanitary solutions for your needs.

Browse our store to see our helpful products. Else, get in touch if you have any queries about improving your time on the commode.

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