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International Shipping available from Aquarius Hygiene

What a week it has been with news that the United Kingdom is set to leave the EU. Despite all the doom and gloom we are here to say: We still love you Europe!

Following rave magazine and video reviews of the product we endeavour to ship it to any part of the world. Unfortunately our website can only currently process orders from within the UK. (Unfortunately we do not have the option available for International shipping direct through our online store. This it is not a consequence of the vote!!)

Do not worry if you live elsewhere and want to buy any of our products! No matter where in the world you are we will always be happy to provide you with a no obligation shipping quote for you to consider. Furthermore many of our products are also available on Amazon.

Due to the unique nature of our Porta-Bidet we have had plenty of orders from within Europe and beyond, we love hearing from you and sending our products off to every corner of the earth!international shipping

Just email with your address and we will search for the best value shipping available, so that you can be next to discover the life changing benefits of our products.

The impact of the referendum

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There has been so much speculation in the media about the consequences of leaving the EU and from our Twitter feed in particular I can see the concern amongst those we follow.

There are lot of people worried about the impact upon disabled rights following the referendum vote that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.

We believe it is important that the politicians and civil servants that work hard every day to improve disabled people’s lives fight harder than ever to protect their rights in this time of uncertainty and change.

It is a crucial point for our country and a time in which we all must pull together, we need unity not division. We believe that disabled people should have the same opportunities as everyone else and love that our products can help open doors to experiences that may otherwise not be possible, or very challenging.

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