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Searching for a Smarter Toilet!

Smart Toilet Seat From Aquarius Hygiene

Virtually everybody now has a smartphone, most have smart TV’s. Others have smart cars and the list goes on. It seems nearly every product available on the UK market now has a “smart” alternative. But when it comes to a smart toilet, most people aren’t so sure.

Why an Intelligent option is worth the upgrade: The Smart Toilet

Aquarius Hygiene has just launched its own smarter toilet. The new Intelligent Bidet. It’s a high-tech, feature packed attachable bidet seat that is easily installed on your existing toilet. It simply replaces the existing seat and gently but efficiently washes and drys you after toileting. (And also features a heated seat and self-cleaning nozzles!)


Such Bidet seats will be life-changing for the elderly and disabled. Anyone who requires assistance when using the toilet. Once the Intelligent Bidet has been installed within their home, they experience a new found sense of independence and dignity.

Currently, in the UK those using smarter toilets are mostly limited to those who have a particular requirement. We predict a future where they will be a common sight in most people’s homes.

A smarter toilet can also save you money as they are a way to use less toilet paper. This reduces the likeliness of potential expensive plumber’s bills. They are also an easy way to improve your families overall hygiene. It is like taking a multivitamin every morning.

The Intelligent Bidet offers a more efficient clean that using toilet paper alone. This means it also can help reduce the bacteria that can cause urinary infections, especially amongst older women.



You can buy the Aquarius Hygiene Intelligent Bidet from It is available from just £385.00. It comes with a choice of fixed side panel or handheld controls at no extra cost. Order yours today!