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Intelligent Bidet Brings Better Hygiene for all the Family

Looking for an easy solution to improve the health and hygiene of your whole family? Packed full of features that everyone within your family will benefit from. The Aquarius Hygiene Intelligent Bidet is your ideal solution.

How does a smart bidet toilet seat work?

Upon receiving and unpacking your Intelligent Bidet, set up takes just a matter of minutes. Replacing your existing toilet seat and linking up to your toilet’s water supply. Plug in into a fused RCD power supply, you are ready to go! The Bidet has two nozzles with a retractable wand, the wand stays retracted within the unit until required. The wand then extends and sprays a direct jet of water to clean you. Nothing comes in contact with your skin except clean refreshing water so they are excellent for anyone with skin conditions. The Bidet also has a built-in Nozzle cleaning function to keep everything extra hygienic.
The Intelligent Bidet is fully adjustable and adaptable. It features a temperature adjustable heated seat; with adjustable water temperate too. Once finished washing use the built-in heated air dryer, the heat of this can once again can be adjusted to the preference of the user.

It feels like stepping out of the shower every time you use the toilet. It is a feeling of clean that you must experience to truly believe.

Cleaner kids and save money

Younger children can sometimes have difficulty after using the toilet, they may not clean themselves properly or may use too much toilet paper which can clog up toilets and result in costly plumbing bills.

Kids love using Bidets and you will love how clean they are.

Reducing the amount of toilet paper used will not only save you money but it’s kinder to your plumbing system. Because of this, a Bidet is a great addition for boats, caravans and any home with a septic system.

Also good for…

Pregnancy and Post-partum

hygiene-family-2Pregnant ladies often find maintaining good personal hygiene in the months leading up to delivery and immediately following the delivery can be challenging. Whether due to complications during delivery or just down to limited flexibility due to the pregnancy the ability to toilet comfortably can be impacted leading up to and after giving birth.

Quick, clean and convenient

The many benefits of using a Bidet seat are being enjoyed by men and women, those that are young and old, able and less able. There is no “typical” user of bidet toilet seats because everyone can appreciate the complete clean you experience with just the touch of a button.  You will be so thankful you have a bidet seat for those times we all experience with haemorrhoids, diarrhoea or constipation. Join those who have started a healthier habit today.