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How can Aquarius Hygiene help improve the lives of those you love?

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Improve Independence and Dignity

Growing old is a fact of life that none of us can avoid, whether you are feeling the effects yourself or watching as a loved one finds it harder and harder to do those everyday activities we currently take for granted. One of the most basic human needs is good hygiene, and when that need is not met the problems soon become obvious and multiply.

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When we were children we relied on our parents for everything, teaching us the ways of the world, keeping us safe, happy, full and clean. When our parents can no longer take care of themselves things are very different. Unfortunately we can’t always be there for them, and honestly they don’t always want us, or anybody else to be there for certain things, especially while using the toilet.

Your parents are independent and it would probably be a safe guess that they want to stay that way for as long as possible. Which is excellent… Until you consider the fact they may have not have told you about the fall they took last month, or the car they nearly hit last week, or how difficult they found it using the toilet this morning. It’s embarrassing and frightening for them to admit to these things. They may be worried you’ll make them give up their driving license, hire someone to come and care for them or worse, make them give up their homes.

Out with the bad

Put simply our bodies are designed to get rid of waste. When we are unable to clean ourselves properly our skin becoming an invitation to infection, discomfort and disease. This can lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences.

But this need not be the case! Bidet toilets have been a best-kept secret of international travellers for over 20 years. However many do not know the life changing benefits they can offer, especially for the elderly or disabled.

Making Elderly Care Easier

Aquarius Hygiene offer a range of portable bidet products including our flagship Porta-Bidet that can help make the lives of those we love easier, better and healthier, giving back confidence and dignity and the freedom to go anywhere they like. We can help change you and your loved ones life for the better.  Now wouldn’t that be lovely?

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