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Aquarius Porta-Bidet Production Update May 2015

Bidet Packaging Meeting

Hi All just a quick up-date on the Aquarius Porta-Bidet production.

Mid April I jumped aboard a plane and took my self off to China to see how things were going with the pre production changes of the Aquarius.

The meeting was very positive and I managed to get most of the people together in one place for real good brainstorming session.(which is not easy in a place as big as China).

Aquarius meeting for production

All the injection moulds were ready and had the small modifications made to incorporate your feed back from my initial customer road trip.

We finalised some product and packaging detail had a look at the production line that was being set up specifically for this product.

So yes we have come a long way and I feel we are actually getting there AT LAST I hear you say.

Aquarius production line

Initial testing of the Porta-Bidet has gone really well with the final components working really well.

The unit is going through CE testing this week and we hope hope to have actual production samples by the end of May in time for the Naidex and Mobility Roadshows. Then if all is well it’s press that button time and we are off.

From everyone at Aquarius Hygiene, cheers……

Aquarius celebrate after meeting