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Given The Chance, I’d Buy One Tomorrow

chris-molesworthI have been lucky enough to have the Aquarius bidet on loan for 24 hours from Brook Miller.

Within a hour or so of Adrian leaving me the unit, I was emailing him back. This was basically the email that I sent………

Dear Adrian,

I’m really sorry but I’m holding the Aquarius to ransom!!!!! HaHa

I three words, It’s bloody brilliant.

I used it twice so far today. At first, I forgot about setting the pressure, it wasn’t strong enough then I remembered within seconds and after I got that right, it’s ace mate.

I finding I have to run it twice in one sitting, so to speak, but I guess that’s down to the individual user, otherwise I love it.

Given the chance, I’d buy one tomorrow.

Regards Chris.

The unit is so light and compact, you could pack it in a small overnight rucksack and it will add no weight if you are flying overseas. It takes about a minute to set up and I can see it working on just about any toilet around the world, even camping toilets.

Anyone that knows me, know that I don’t say things that I don’t mean but this product is well worth the price to be able to go away anywhere and still be able to keep your dignity.

I can’t get over how happy I am with the Aquarius Bidet. And for the price, I say again, “Every hotel, B&B, hospital, should have at least one Aquarius system at their disposal for anyone who requires one who maybe caught out and not have theirs with them.”

Roll on the release date in the spring of 2015.

Chris Molesworth