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Installation of the Aquarius Intelligent Bidet

Our latest installation of the Aquarius Intelligent Bidet;

Installed by 1st Ability in West Yorkshire

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Why you should consider the Intelligent option?

The Aquarius Intelligent Bidet is an great alternative to the typical shower toilets currently on the market. These can cost thousands of pounds and often involve a lot of disruption to your home.

A great reason to you consider the Aquarius bidet as an alternative. Other than the price being a fraction of the alternative is that the installation is so much simpler. They replace the toilet seat on your existing toilet so there is no need to replace the toilet itself.

In addition to that, in a standard installation no additional plumbing is needed. This is because the water supply for the Intelligent Bidet feeds from the existing cold water supply that typically supplies your toilet cistern.

The bidet also has a heating element within the seat. This means there is no requirement for an additional hot water feed. The bidet’s water temperature is adjustable to the user’s preference. The bidet remembers the last settings so no need to reset it on every use.

There is no need for separate drainage either when installing the Intelligent Bidet. It all simply drains into the toilet, once you have finished using the bidet just flush as normal.

Lastly using a bidet generally means you’ll use much less toilet paper.

Electrical Supply

The bidet does however require an electrical supply. As they are for use in the bathroom it is critical that the supply is safe. If you do not already have a fused RCD point nearby you will need the help of a qualified electrician.

DIY “Do it yourself” Installation

Our bidet’s are available for DIY “Do it yourself” installation you can purchase from this website as well as from Amazon. You could also use your own local electrician if preferred. Once a suitable electrical supply is in place it usually takes around 30 minutes to set up.

DIY Bidet installation in three easy steps
1) Remove your existing toilet seat
2) Mounting the intelligent bidet Seat
3) Connecting to the water supply
(All the parts needed for installation are included within the order)

Aquarius Installation

Aquarius Hygiene works in partnership with experienced bathroom installers, such as 1st Ability. They are experienced in disabled bathroom installation and adaptions. 1st Ability installed the Intelligent Bidet in the image above.

1st Ability cover the West Yorkshire area and beyond and are based in Leeds. They have over 15 years of experienced in the installation of disabled bathrooms and adaptions.

No obligation home assessment

Contact Aquarius Hygiene for a quote. We will arrange for your local installer to visit your property for a no obligation assessment and quote.

Call 01422 328 950 or email to find out more.